Medfrigus is created in Gioia Tauro (RC) in 2019 from the partnership between Callipo Group Srl (with an experience of 108 years in the canned fish industry with Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari S.r.l.) and D.G. Cargo Srl, maritime agency, national and international forwarding company and customs operator, specialized in managing fish products. The goal of Medfrigus is to supply a full service on the national territory in terms of stocking, moving, distributing of food products of various profiles with controlled temperature (vegetables, fish products, meat products).

Strategic Position
and High Quality Services

Our strength points

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Strategic position

Freight Village of Gioia Tauro 400 meters from container terminal
Superficie complessiva

Total area

24.000 square meters, 4.700 square meters of which correspond to the main warehouse and approximately 19.000 square meters are dedicated to transit and service area

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Cold Storage Rooms

4 refrigerating rooms with a minimum internal temperature of -20/-25C and a product introduction area temperature of -18C. Stocking capacity of 3.000 tons and a further refrigerating room at -46C
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Modern technologies

qualified personnel, exceptional operating standards, quality and security certifications, cold chain integrity guarantee

For further information
Tel: +39 0963 9962700